This project was born from the dreams of a volunteer from 2010 work camp, Elena Ruiz-Chena, who was looking for ways to provide the villagers with more autonomy. In November 2010 two volunteers from Spain, Montse Brugat and Albert Pujol, who spent one month in Tsunza, already started the rais-ing of the walls.

In August 2011, the new group of volunteers finished it all. They finished building the walls, roofing, flooring, painting, and furnishing. The workshop is divided in two separated areas: one for carpentry and another one for the Tsunza 4 Life Women’s Group activities (soap manufacturing, making of bracelets, and sewing in the near future).

Now the carpentry is already in use. Some villagers are making furniture for the dispensary and the library. And the women’s group often gather to make soap and bracelets in their section.

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