Children of Africa emerges from the energy and enthusiasm of a big group of volunteers, that come together to create this non-profit organisation that struggles to change the reality of Kenya. Although the association was registered only a few months ago (February 2010), the members have been working to improve to life standards of this African country fro more than three years.  

Children of Africa focuses its current projects on two Kenyan villages: Likoni, where the association have been giving support to “Likoni Aids Orphanage”, a home that provides shelter to more than 50 kids who live in precarious conditions; and Tsunza, a rural village, located in one of the five poorest districts in Kenya, and where more than 75% of the inhabitants live under poverty threshold and face the scarcity of resources and infrastructures, constant diseases and dramatic climate conditions that destroy their harvests every day.

So far, the Association has worked in projects related to different fields. On the one hand, we have made it to ensure education to most of the kids in Likoni Home and to the 51 sponsored kids in Tsunza thanks to scholar sponsorships. This big project has even allowed bringing two students to university. On the other hand, other projects have been carried out, especially related to construction and restoration. Three classrooms have been erected in a school from Likoni, thanks to the help of many who have joined our dreams and objectives, the Home has been fully painted and restored, two vegetable gardens have been set up, a sanitary block with two showers and two latrines have been built in Tsunza, and a public library has been put up with the help of so many. Moreover, several programs related to health care, medicine delivery, as well as programs of awareness on topics such as sexuality and family plan, education and hygiene have taken place this year.

Looking into the future, we have already come up with some new projects for 2011. Apart from finding new sponsors for more than 300 kids and trying to make Tsunza become a more self-sufficient community through projects such as carpentry, sewing and soap elaboration workshops, music and computer lessons, we will focus our biggest efforts on the construction of a medical dispensary that will provide the villagers of Tsunza with access to health care. Last, we will not quit our big dream: bringing at least 15 people to university before 2015, since we think that education and formation are key in any attempt to change a country. We do not want to bring European engineers, architects or doctors to Tsunza, but help Kenyan engineers, architects and doctors to build the successful future of their country.  

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