1. Most of the kids to be sponsored are not orphans, however, they live with parents or relatives who cannot afford to bring them to school due to lack of funds. Therefore, most of times they remain at home with nothing else to do rather than grazing their cows and goats.

2. This is an educative sponsorship program, since it is focused on providing these children with the necessary school materials for them to be accepted in school for a whole year.

3. Sponsorship fees: 60 Euros per year for Primary School and 250 Euros approx. for Secondary School (depending on the school where the student is accepted).
Although the sponsor is not required to sign any contract or to give any bank details, it is advisable that he/she previously analyses the true nature of such sponsorship, and proves to be responsible enough to compromise in costing not only one school year but the whole Primary Education. And only if possible, think of helping the kid to have access to Secondary School and university. If a sponsor cannot cover the studies of the sponsored kid anymore, it is required to give notice to the association with time enough for them to find a new sponsor. Every year course starts in January and ends in December, with term breaks in April, August and Christmas.

4. Tsunza is a very poor village, with very few resources and villagers have very little education, if any. Mortality rates are very high and it is within one of the five poorest regions of the country. Accordingly, the main objective of our program (Sponsoring Tsunza) is sending at least 15 of these kid to university before 2015 and, after a certain period of time, see them working as engineers, doctors, teachers, scientists and lawyers, who will provide their village with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient, by building their own wells, by paving roads, bringing electricity and current water, by building hospitals, etc. It is a very daring dream indeed, but we are not scared of struggling.

5. Once we receive the payment either through bank account, hand on hand, or Western Union (you can send it even when we are in Kenya), you must fill up the APPLICATION FORM and send it to us by email (lto idia.belascoain@gmail.com), stating the name of the child both in the form and in the bank transfer. Soon we will upload the photos and names of the more than 300 kids who need to be sponsored in Tsunza in this blog.
After that, in our next visit to Kenya, we (me and any of the volunteers who will come next summer) will be in charge of buying all the necessary materials (shoes, uniforms, pencils, colours, books, etc), pay for the school fees and enroll them in the provided school. You will see the photos of the children who are already sponsored with their uniforms and shoes in the blog, as well as a section with the new kids who are waiting for sponsors.

6. Next sponsorship program (2010-11) will take place from now up to the month of June. And all the practical job will be carried out next July when we go back to Kenya with the next group of volunteers in the workcamp 2011.
7. We also encourage you to contact us if you wish to help us finding more sponsors. 
8. MULTI-SPONSORING PROGRAM: During this last summer workcamp, all the volunteers who came to Kenya with us developed a very interesting idea to achieve our main objective (bringing 15 students to university before 2015). They came up with the idea of multi-sponsors, which consists of sponsoring a student's university fees among a group of people. This group of people might be interested in sponsoring the fees of a secondary school student each, that costs around 250 Euros. If we join and multiply this 250 Euros by 5 people it already gives 1000 Euros. This group could either be a group of friends, workmates, relatives, classmates, etc.