In December 2008, Susanna Gomez (President of the Association), was appalled by the pathetic situation of education in the rural area of Tsunza.

She took photos of 22 kids who were around, She didn’t know whether it would work or not, but she promised to send the photos to her friends by mail and try to find sponsors for those kids to get better education.

Six months later, in summer 2009, the kids were all sponsored. She provided them with shoes, uniform, books, socks, and all types of school material.That same day, photos of 10 more kids. They were soon sponsored, and in December 2009 she took photos of almost 30 more. In July 2010, more than 60 students received their school material, and some secondary school students were paid for their fees.

The Children of Africa Sponsorship Program had already started. Nowadays, Lidia Belascoain (a volunteer from Spain) is at the head of this department, and more than 120 kids are already going to school in good conditions.

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