With the new year, we can say we come with very good news and lots of renewed energy, especially thanks to the great contribution of the first volunteer who decided to spend 10 days in Tsunza and carry out some of our most impending projects.

Toni Herrera, from Empuriabrava (Girona, Spain), left Spain on the 25th of December and came back on the 6th of January 2010. with a big smile. He was happy to say that he had lived one of the most beautiful experiences of his life among the villagers of Tsunza, where he felt so much welcome.

We can feel very thankful as he decided and was able to carry out our irrigation and agriculture projects. With the help of some villagers, he extended the main water pipe, and set up the water meter right next to the area where we are planning to build the medical centre. But not only he managed to bring water to this very dry area, but also started a great project that will bring more autonomy to the community: the plantation of a vegetable garden. First, he bought the necessary tools and seeds, then they prepared the soil and started with the plantation of the nursery bed, that will soon provide these people with good vegetables to feed their children and to sell and get some petty money to pay for the water.

He also decided to provide the village with enough food for all these Christmas holidays and to distribute the necessary school materials and uniforms to the children who we had already sponsored so far. He also distributed material we had given before his departure (toys, clothes, shoes, etc.), and paid for the secondary school fees of a teenager who was sponsored. He said he will never forget this experience but I'm sure that Tsunza villagers will neither ever forget him. THANKS TONI!!!

Irrigation Project: 210 euros
Vegetable Garden Project: 80 euros
Feeding Project: 230 euros