- Location: Nigamba, Tsunza (Kinango District, Coast Province, Kenya)
- Accommodation: Before summer 2010, the association together with its members had the idea of furnishing one of the village mud houses that the volunteers will be using any time they are there. The mud house has not been plastered yet, but among the 16 volunteers of summer 2010 workcamp, we bought 14 big beds that can accommodate more than 20 people. However, for organization purposes, no more than 15 volunteers are allowed to accommodate together in Tsunza in the same period. As these beds were purchased as a project, nobody has to pay for accommodation. The beds have the purpose of accomodating any future volunteers or villagers in need.
- Electricity: There is no electricity, but we will organize to have an electricity generator by our side. This summer 2010 a couple of volunteers paid and intalled a solar panel on top of the new-built library. The electricity can be used to charge mobiles and cameras (only taking turns)
- Meals: With the food that you bring from supermarket, your meals will be prepared by certain people (Mamas), but you will also have the chance to help them with this task if you wish to. The same meal will be served for all of us including the villagers. Each volunteer usually spends around 20 Euros per week for food and other daily commodities (toilet paper, soap, oil, parafine for light, washing powder, bin bags, etc.), as they don’t count on their own, but also invite the villagers in charge of cooking and kids around.
- Washing: No washing machine. Villagers will be happy to assist you wash your clothes and dishes traditionally, but still you can help whenever you feel like and even wash the clothes if you personally prefer to do so.
- Transport: There are not common vehicles in the village and the most you can find is a boda boda (consisting of a motor-bike with a back seat). To come and go to town you will always get a motor-boat and a taxi or matatu (public van).
- People in charge: We, as volunteers, are the leaders of our own selves and therefore we are all in charge in all our activities in one way or another, in addition to the villagers. Some villagers will always help us, guiding, going to town and helping in any necessary task. 
- Internet access: No (only in town)
- Shops: There are small shops where you can get basic things like sugar, soaps, oil, etc. But never expect to find cold drinks, or any especial requirement.
- Volunteering Work camp fees: There is no fee to be paid to any specific person or association but you will be expected to invest between 75 to100€ per week.There is great need that we invest some money to accomplish some of our pending projects as we are in the village. However, you don’t have to give this money to anyone, but you have to use it by yourself in the project that you choose, and you will be asked to give account for this (keep receipts or consult people around).
In Tsunza you will be very much welcome and cared by all the villagers around, but we have to keep into account that this is a big community with a harsh life, where people have to struggle along all their lives to survive day after day. So we don’t want to become a burden for these people who already have difficulties to obtain their own food and basic commodities. Therefore, not only will we try to pay for our own needs, but also we will make our best to become a relief to them and to contribute with the improvement of such a community.
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To apply, fill up application form and send to susanna.gomez@gmail.com